Our Mission

Leadership Training Institute (LTI) is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to empowering challenged families and children to overcome barriers, tap potential and achieve success through education, mentoring and social justice advocacy.

Our History

Leadership Training Institute (LTI) has served minority and disadvantaged communities of Long Island and Metropolitan New York since 1968. During that difficult era, Mel Jackson, a leader in the civil rights movement, recognized the need for a structured program to develop and nurture leadership skills among the Black community. He founded the LTI with support of volunteers, SUNY Farmingdale, businesses, and private donors.

LTI initially worked with groups of promising African-Americans to develop commitment to responsibility and community leadership.  Over the next four decades, LTI’s mission evolved to meet the growing needs of the disadvantaged minority population. Today it maintains an educated, experienced staff representing a broad range of ethnic and national origins. Their varied backgrounds prepare them to assist LTI’s unique clientele. Together, supported by dedicated volunteers, they offer programs and a one-to-one customized approach to meet the changing needs of the community. Since its inception in 1968, LTI has successfully helped thousands gain education, employment and social responsibility.

A rich history, strong collaborations and formal partnerships, dedicated and committed staff and volunteers ensure that Leadership Training Institute will continually evolve to meet the current needs of the most vulnerable in our community.