Programs & Services

LTI empowers challenged families and children to overcome barriers, tap potential and achieve success through education, mentoring and social justice advocacy.  To meet this mission, we provide innovative programming and human services tailored to evolving challenges.  We also collaborate with public and private sectors to assure comprehensive and interlocking services.

LTI programs and services cover these broad areas:

Services for Youth at Risk

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LTI assists and advocates for young people 10 to 18 years of age who are at risk of being or are already involved with the juvenile justice system. The goal is to prevent youth from entering the system and provide services for those who do.  Some of the services LTI provides to youth include:


LTI mentoring programs establish positive relationships with adult role models to mitigate negative influences like lack of positive role models, incarcerated parents, academic failure, and other barriers to success.  Our goal is to create opportunities for hope and inspiration.

Kinship Caregiver Programs

LTI’s Kinship Caregiver Program (KCP) provides case management and supporting services for anyone who is raising someone else’s child. KCP provides services in Nassau and Suffolk County to both children and caregivers to promote a safe, permanent and nurturing environment for children in kinship care. KCP can assist you with:

  • Trauma screenings
  • Trauma informed services
  • Outreach to promote community awareness and early family engagement
  • Information, referral, advocacy and linkage to community resources
  • Early, comprehensive and on-going family assessment
  • Coordination/collaboration with other service systems to address family-specific needs
  • Parenting training/information
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Home visits
  • Support Groups – located in Nassau & Suffolk County

After-care services

LTI after-care services assist family reunification after discharge from juvenile detention facilities and work to reduce recidivism and mitigate child abuse, neglect and substance abuse.

Career and workforce programs

LTI career and workforce programs prepare youth to be competitive and work-ready. Training focuses on life skills, academics and the world of employment.

After-school programs

LTI implements STYA (Successfully Transitioning youth to Adolescence), a NYS Department of Health initiative, to provide enrichment and mentoring service to youth. Using a youth development strength-based approach for young people age 9-12, who reside in Nassau County, NY in the communities of Hempstead, Roosevelt, and Elmont. The services include mentoring, small discussion groups, adult supervised activities, and parent education workshops.

Juvenile justice programs

LTI juvenile justice programs cover:

  • Prevention for youth at risk of dropping out of school and/or entering the juvenile justice system.
  • Care, supervision, educational and social services for youth in non-secure detention group residences.
  • Certified and individualized year-round educational, cultural and recreational services for youth in secure juvenile justice facilities.

Alternatives to Incarceration

LTI provides cognitive behavioral programming and evidence-based services to individuals (male and female) ages 16-24.

Employment Training and Job Placement

LTI provides innovate programs and comprehensive case management services covering job-readiness skills, job placement, post-employment services and career and entrepreneurial development. We focus on the following client categories:

  • Out-of-work and hard-to-place adults
  • Youth
  • Mature workers
  • Special workforce training to meet public needs

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Housing and Transitional Services

Re-entry services – provides individualized supportive services to meet the needs of formerly incarcerated adults and youth as they reintegrate into the community.

Veterans – Housing, employment training, job placement, and referrals to substance abuse/and mental health treatment.

Education and Guidance

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LTI projects and programs are designed to instruct, guide and empower youth, parents and the community.  Services are presented in the classroom, through workshop series and in focus groups.  Services include:

  • Parent education to foster good parenting skills
  • Education programs for youth remanded to juvenile detention
  • Placement for individuals mandated by court order to perform community service

Physical and Mental Health

LTI supports physical and mental wellbeing for individuals, families and communities by providing conferences, workshops, presentations and peer education. Topics cover:

  • HIV/AIDS education and prevention for youth and adults, gay and straight
  • Health education for adults and youth involved in justice system in both secure and non-secure facilities
  • Customized programs for the workplace and community-based programs

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Field Instruction and Internship

Partnering with many of the New York Metropolitan Region’s colleges and universities, LTI has a highly respected Field Instruction and Internship Program with a long track record benefiting both students and our client population.

More About Field Instruction and Internship Programs

Field placement and/or internship opportunities are offered to bachelor and masters level degree social work and psychology students through which they hone their engagement, assessment and intervention skills, and gain a firsthand understanding of human behavior and human services delivery systems.  The interns gain experience that meets their schools’ degree requirements, while providing essential services to LTI’s client population.

The program begins in September and ends in May. Undergraduate students (juniors/seniors) are in the program for one semester to complete required hours.  Graduate students complete two semesters.

For more information, please contact LTI at 516-483-3400 or

Current and Past Programs

  • Adolescent Parent Services Program
  • Adoption Disruption Prevention Services
  • Advantage After School Program
  • AfterCare Services Program
  • Alternatives to Incarceration
  • Building for Success Academy
  • Child Care Recruitment, Training and Retention Program
  • Community Service Program
  • Community Leadership in Employment Needs Training Services Program
  • Comprehensive Employment and Training Act
  • Court-related Community Service Program
  • Educational Resources Program
  • Fresh Start Re-Entry Program
  • Gang Coordination and Assistance Program
  • Group Home Foster Care
  • Health Disparities
  • HIV-AIDS Education and Prevention Program
  • Juvenile Mentoring Program (JUMP)
  • Mentoring Children of Promise
  • Minority Community Health Coalition HIV/AIDS Project
  • Regional Non-secure Detention Residence
  • Parent Educator Workshops
  • Second Chance Juvenile Mentoring
  • School-Based Mentoring Program
  • Socio-Academic Modification Program
  • Successfully Transitioning youth to Adolescence (STYA)
  • Veterans Services
  • Work and Gain Economic Sufficiency
  • Youth Enterprise Program