Youth Risk Avoidance Education

LTI’s Youth Risk Avoidance Education Program (YRAE) is an afterschool program providing opportunities that improve social skills, emotional adjustment and academic performance of children enrolled in elementary school. The YRAE will also provide parenting education workshop for adult caregivers. Thereby providing good outcomes for their children that promote positive youth behavior while reducing risky behaviors among youth.

For more information contact Damaris Droz at (516) 483-3400 or

Safe Places Youth Development

LTI’s Safe Places Youth Development (SPYD) Program provides elementary school students in Kindergarten to 6th grade in the Roslyn UFSD a fun and safe place to be after school.  We provide adult supervision and care in a structured and nurturing play and learning environment. Students get daily homework help and engage in stimulating academic and extra-curricular activities that promote learning and improve academic performance outcomes. Safe Places incorporates a special theme-based character development component that is integrated into all academic and extra-curricular activities to reinforce good values in young children.

For more information contact LTI at (516) 483-3400 or