LTI’s Economic Mobility Program is a financial education program that includes a workforce and career development component for Black Long Islanders. The program is designed to move the needle on economic disparity by working with the low-income Black population facing systemic and institutionalized barriers to employment and economic security.

The Economic Mobility Program is open to individuals and families who are Black/African American, employed with low-to-moderate income. It uses an individualized multi-step process, in which each participant has a customized plan based on their current financial situation, needs, and goals. There is no standard formula to ensure each client receives specific coaching and financial education they need to meet their goals.

Success Stories

  • One family had terrible experiences trying to purchase a home in the past. Within the program, they were able at last to make a home purchase. 
  • One client was able to learn how to save. They now have enough savings for a down payment on a home. 
  • Another client had no short-term savings and was unprepared for any emergency that may arise. She now has strong emergency savings. 


The program is funded by a $100,000 grant from the Long Island Racial Equity Donor Collaborative (LIDC) at the Long Island Community Foundation (LICF).

“This grant will allow our organization to implement our pilot program and leverage resources that specifically addresses financial stability for Blacks on Long Island. In addition, this initiative will help increase the understanding of the contributing factors associated with the racial wealth gap in our community. We are grateful to the Long Island Racial Equity Donor Collaborative for the privilege of continuing the important work of providing support to families seeking critical workforce development skills and financial education services in community.”

Aster Mehreteab, LTI Chief Executive Officer

For more information, contact LTI at (516) 483-3400 or